Planning, delivery & evaluation (PDE)

In this section you will provide evidence of your ability to plan, deliver and evaluate  inclusive teaching and learning sessions which meet the needs of your learners.

  1. Please upload a scheme of work covering at least 20 sessions of at least 1 hour
  2. Include a rationale (1000 – 1500 words) for the scheme of work in which you discuss how your teaching and learning approaches address the needs of all your learners and promote an inclusive learning environment.  The rationale must also justify the approaches and resources used.
  3. Upload session plans for the scheme of work
  4. Discuss assessment and feedback issues (1200 – 1500 words) covering the following points:
  • How have you used the initial assessment of your learners to plan, negotiate and record their learning goals and how effective has this been?
  • Explain your use of specialist assessment methods and approaches and evaluate how effectively these meet the needs of your learners
  • Discuss the role of feedback in assessment for learning
  • Describe and evaluate the assessment records and their appropriateness

5. Evaluate (1000 – 1500 words) the effectiveness of the teaching, learning and assessment approaches you use in ESOL.  To what extent do these allow for inclusive teaching and learning.

Please ensure your evaluations and discussions are appropriately referenced using the Harvard Referencing System.


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